Ultimate Cyberball Smackdown '18

The 4th Annual Atari Cyberball Tournament September 7-9, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to start planning for next year's tournament.  Do you have dates for Smackdown '19?

A: The Ultimate Cyberball Smackdown is run on the same weekend every year.  The first weekend after Labor Day.  This day works well as may people already travel to Vegas for Fantasy Football events and to watch the NFL football games played on the opening weekend. Mark your calendar!

Q: I want to play in the doubles event but I don't have a teammate, what can I do?

A: If you do not have a teammate for doubles but would like to play, Don't worry! There will usually be someone else without a teammate that we can pair you up with.  The best thing to do is to mention that you do not have a partner but would like to play doubles on your pre-registration form.  Also, do your best to play on Friday as this is the best time to meet others in need of a teammate and practice!

Q: How many players or teams do you expect to have?

A: It is very hard for us to answer this question which is why pre-registration is so important.  That being said we are planning our schedule this year around 12 teams for doubles and 24 players for singles.  Please note that this is strictly for planning purposes to help us make sure we have time to play out all matches and is not a guarantee nor is it considered to be an accurate guess as to the number of players...the truth is we usually do not know how many people will make it until the day of the tournament.  Be sure to check out the Roster page to see who has already pre-registered!

Q: Why are you running both the Doubles and Singles events on the same day?

A: This is indeed a break from our past events.  Our reason is that this would allow the most number of people to participate in both tournaments.  In the past Friday and Sunday have been used by some people as travel days and so a tournament that started early or ended late would mean that some players would not be able to start on time or complete the tournament.

Q: I heard you guys were moving...did you move to a new location?

A: Yes! Please note our new address is: 3281 N Decatur Blvd, Ste 240.  This new location is no longer downtown and is in a more "locals" area of Las Vegas.  There are still several hotel/casinos nearby including the Texas Station, Fiesta Rancho, and Santa Fe Station.  These hotels often have far better rates than what you might find downtown or on the strip.

Q: Will any of the games be streamed online?

A: Yes! As in years past we plan to stream live from at least two of our machines over Twitch. We will do our best to make sure the key matches are broadcast and that everyone gets time on the broadcast.

Q: What is a consolation bracket?

A: The first half of eliminated players / teams will be put into a second bracket of competition and will continue play in this bracket until one team comes out on top.  Think of this like a "B-Division".

Q: How many Tournament Cyberball machines do you have?

A: We currently have 5 Tournament Cyberball machines for use during the tournament.

Q: What if my opponent wants the same team as I do or has a preference for the same side of the machine as I do?

A: Any conflict of in-game team preference or machine side preference must be decided via coin-toss before the start of a match.  Alternatively, you can play a game of ro-sham-bo.

Q: Are there any other Cyberball Tournaments throughout the year?

A: As a matter of fact, members of the Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club travel to three different events in the year hosting Cyberball tournaments in search of the best Cyberball players to participate in the Smackdown.  Look for us at Zapcon in Phoenix, Arizona; Arcade Expo in Banning, California; and at California Extreme in Santa Clara, California.