Ultimate Cyberball Smackdown 2019

The 5th Annual Atari Cyberball Tournament September 6-8, 2019

Schedule of Events

Exact details are still being worked out. Please check back soon for more information. For now, here is what we know:

Friday, September 6th:

This is going to be a “meet & greet” day where you can get some warm up time on the machines and get to know the competition. Bring a little extra cash in case someone asks you to put your money where your mouth is ;-)

We will probably try to get a group to head over to the old Blue Ox Bar & Grill for some killer chicken fingers.

Saturday, September 7th:

This is the primary day of competition. Both Doubles and Singles Championships will be run on Saturday. Figure we will start around 11am and probably run pretty late.

Sunday, September 8th:

On Sunday we will be running some kind of bonus tournament, this might be run with randomized teammates or maybe a 4 vs 4 bracket with different people playing offense and defense. This sort of depends on how many players we get to enter this year so please be sure to PRE-REGISTER ahead of time.