Ultimate Cyberball Smackdown 2019

The 5th Annual Atari Cyberball Tournament September 6-8, 2019

Schedule of Events

Player1 Video Game Bar is open daily from 1pm to 3am, and so we will be running our events within those hours.

Friday, September 6th:

This is going to be a “meet & greet” day where you can get some warm up time on the machines and get to know the competition. Bring a little extra cash in case someone asks you to put your money where your mouth is ;-)

The machines will be on location and ready to play by Thursday night so on Friday you should be able to practice anytime during normal business hours: 1pm to 3am.

We will probably try to get a group to head over to the old Blue Ox Bar & Grill for some killer chicken fingers.

Saturday, September 7th:

This is the primary day of competition. Both Doubles and Singles Championships will be run on Saturday.

1pm - Doors Open, practice / freeplay begins.

2pm - Doubles tournament will start. This tournament will be a double elimination bracket with semi-random seeding.

7pm - Singles Double Elimination Tournament will begin (time is approximate and depends on how long the Doubles competition takes.)

3am - Closing time.

Sunday, September 8th:

On Sunday we will be running some kind of bonus tournament, this might be run with randomized teammates or maybe a 4 vs 4 bracket with different people playing offense and defense. This sort of depends on how many players we get to enter this year so please be sure to PRE-REGISTER ahead of time.

1pm - Doors Open, practice / freeplay begins.

2pm - Tournament play will begin.