Ultimate Cyberball Smackdown 2019

The 5th Annual Atari Cyberball Tournament September 6-8, 2019

Quick Overview:


  • Open practice.  Arcade doors will open at 12:00p and close at midnight.


  • Saturday will be the singles (1v1) tournament.  Our goal is to have 24 players.  A full roster will provide play for the whole day starting at 10:00a and ending around 9:30p.
  • There will be both A and B divisions for the 1v1 tournament.
  • After qualifying, two double elimination brackets will be formed with 12 players each; one for A division and the other for B division.
  • The finals (and time permitting, the semi-finals) matches will each be best-out-of-3 games
  • The higher seed gets first choice of team.


  • Sunday will be the doubles (2v2) tournament. Our goal is to have 12 teams.  This will allow for a later start time of approximately 12:00 or 1:00p.
  • After a qualifying round, a double elimination bracket will be formed with all 12 teams.
  • The higher seed gets first choice of team
  • The finals and semi-finals matches will each be best-out-of-3 games


1 v 1 Tournament Details:

Here is how the brackets will be seeded.  The following assumes a full list of 24 players

  1. Players will be divided into six groups of four.  The first half of the day will be spent pitting each player head to head with each member of his group (This will get each person playing 3 matches)
    1. The best effort will be made to place the most skilled players in different groups.  This is to prevent top players from ending up in B Division. We will use results from previous UCS tournaments and other heuristics to achieve this goal.
  2. The top two players from each group will be seeded in the A division bracket and the lower two players from each group will be seeded in the B division bracket.
    1. In the event of a tie, the player with the most points scored across all three games will win the tie.
    2. Any player qualified to B division will be given the opportunity to voluntarily compete in A division.
    3. Any player qualified to A division MUST play in A division
  3. Once the A and B divisions are established, final seeding order will be determined based on the following in this order:
    1. Number of group games won
    2. Most points scored from all three games
    3. Largest point differential from a single match won in their group
    4. Coin toss
  4. Here is an example of what this would look like with four players:

Tom – Won 2 games: 16-7, 28-20, 24-33(L); Total points: 68, Largest point Δ: 9

Dick – Won 2 games: 28-21, 33-6, 7-16(L); Total points: 68; Largest point Δ: 27

Harry – Won 2 games: 28-15, 14-12, 28-33(L); Total points: 70; Largest point Δ: 13

John – Won 3 games: 14-6, 21-7, 14-12; Total points: 49 Largest point Δ: 14

Final seed order for Tom, Dick, Harry, and John:

1. John (has the most wins)

2. Harry (tied with 2 wins but has the most points scored across all three games)

3. Dick (tied with 2 wins and combined points but had largest point Δ)

4. Tom

Once the final seed order has been established for both A and B divisions using the above rules, two double elimination brackets with 12 players each will be formed for both A and B divisions

The finals match in each bracket will be best out of three games. If time permits we will also do the semi-finals the same way.

This qualifying and bracket design will guarantee each player a minimum of five games played before elimination.

2 v 2 Tournament Details:

Sunday’s Doubles matches will be a single division, double elimination bracket.

Qualifying round is still TBD.  Details will be posted soon.

Semifinals and finals will be best out of three games.