Ultimate Cyberball Smackdown 2019

The 5th Annual Atari Cyberball Tournament September 6-8, 2019

Schedule of Events

Details of the schedule are still pending however here is what we know for now:

Friday, September 6th:

Friday is going to be a “Meet & Greet” day with a chance to warm up on the machines and blow the dust off your skills (oh wait, you have been practicing right?). This is a good chance to meet the competition and play some practice games. Bring a little extra cash if you want to start your own side tournament / challenge!

Saturday, September 7th:

All the real competition will take place on Saturday. We will try to get started around 11am and will likely run pretty late. Both Doubles and Singles Championship brackets will be run this day.

Sunday, September 8th:

Sunday will be all our bonus events. We will be running one or two smaller tournaments perhaps with randomized teammates or maybe 4 on 4 with players switching between offense and defense. This sort of depends on how many players we expect to have, so please Pre-Register and let us know you are attending!